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Who The Fish are you? | Risograph style AR Print


Shipped in 7-10 days.


Avery White Paper
Augmented Reality via the Artivive.

This artwork was born from my scuba diving escapades, and believe me, it's made me rethink a few things about myself. Being underwater and getting cozy with marine life has turned me into a real-life Aquaman, well, minus the talking-to-fish part! It's shown me that the world can actually be a pretty chill place, and I've even learned to be kinder to myself in the process.

Now, here's the fun twist: This isn't your typical artwork; it's an Augmented Reality piece with a funky Risograph print vibe. So, if you want to see our underwater alter ego, just grab the Artivive app, scan this diver, and let the magic reveal itself!

Payment and Shipping

Shipping within 7-10 business days.
Shipping costs and taxes (GST) are included.
Shipments outside the India may be subject to customs shipment charges and taxes.

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