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YCMT, Bikaner House

new delhi, india 

Absolute is a take on the theory of duality and how there is an emergence of singularity through the amalgamation of Dualism. The serigraphs (on paper and glass) and the Kinetic installation also represents the interaction of individuals with time. This is to assert that the evolution of the human form that appears is a dynamic event rather than a static one like a collective conscience. All artworks represent abstractions of human forms to display illusions of our shadows falling on each other. The forms are inspired by people around. The style of Optical Art is inspired by the the greats from the OP art movement like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely.

The series was exhibited at the India Art Fair as a part of a show called ‘You Cannot Miss This’ and at the Sneak art fest, New Delhi.

mind blowing ceramics

mind blowing - ceramics

new delhi, india

Mind Blowing is a series of interactive clay sculptures questioning how we perceive human forms and appearances. The artworks are a combination of headless clay torsos with different interactive experiences celebrating the colours and stories within human exteriors. Each piece is a research into a new perspective exploring the theories of the human mind and its perceptions, breaking away from the social and physical boundaries the mind is trapped in. The artworks are a step towards adding to the animate within us in a playful manner. "Mind Blowing" invites viewers to engage with the sculptures in a playful manner, discovering new depths of meaning and complexity within the human form.


‘Mind Blowing’ was exhibited at the India Art Fair as a part of a show called ‘You Cannot Miss This’.

coca-cola mural

Coca Cola x Brampton City 
Augmented Reality Mural

brampton, canada | 2022

The AR Mural was done in collaboration with Jasmin Pannu Studio for Coca-Cola Canada and Brampton city. 


The 30 x 30 ft Augmented reality Mural represents the diversity, talent and culture of the city and it's local athletes.

The Mural comes alive via the Artivive app.